OOTD: Falls Festival Edition

So it’s that time of year again… New Years Eve!! Instead of getting all dolled up in the typical party attire, sipping champagne and mingling amongst the array of parties and clubs, it seems as though us Aussies are choosing the opposite. And by this I mean sleeping on the floor for days, unusual drink concoctions and standing on someones shoulders in no shoes while you forget who you are actually listening to. But there is no better way to ring in the new year than this… FALLS FESTIVAL is here!!

Now this means outfits…it is important to figure out what to pack for 4 days of drinking, dancing, and disgusting behaviour. It is a few days so you need multiple options, but comfy and versatile pieces than can be thrown on and are easily interchangeable.

Here is some outfit inspo to get you excited…

falls 1

falls 2

falls 3

falls 4

falls 5

falls 6

falls 7

falls 8

falls 9

falls 10

falls 11

falls 12

falls 13

falls 14

falls 15


Here are a few outfits I have put together. Many of you would have similar pieces in your wardrobe which you can mix and match to create looks along these lines.

LOOK 1: Girly Grunge

I love mixing prints and they do say opposites attract. Mixing a floral print with a checked vest is femininity with an edge. A plain A-line skirt is a perfect basic to match with your other pieces but teamed with a crop it shows a little skin (and what’s a festival without girls wearing little to no clothes). But most of all you will feel comfy to frolic your way through the festivities.

outfit falls 2 outfit falls 3

Paint It Red Miami Love Crop Top – $30

Checked Shirt – $15 (Op Shop)

Finder Keepers The Great black skirt – $10 (Sample Sale)

Anbree by Billini flat – $40 – LINK TO BUY

Shop the Look – My Similar Suggestions

Electric Floral Crop Top

blog falls 4

http://www.forever21.comBUY IT HERE – $27.80

LOOK 2: Double Denim

I am loving double denim at the moment and seeing as though denim is an “all-time” basic it should be an essential in your festival packing! Here I have put my relaxed “boyfriend” fit denim high-waisted shorts with a lighter denim open shirt and tank top. Again the relaxed-feel of this outfit means it’s perfect for an all day event and you can drink and eat all you want and still hide the consequences. The cut-out ankle boots and skeleton tank give it a rocker edge which is clearly appropriate for the occasion.

outfit falls 4

Denim Shirt – $30 – Cotton On

Evil Twin Tank Top – $60

Denim Shorts – $69 – American Apparel

Cut-out Boots – $30 – Dotti

Shop the Look – My Similar Suggestions

Cool Kid Denim Shirt – Madison Square 

blog falls 1

http://www.coochadesigns.com.auBUY HERE – $35

Belle Denim Boyfriend Short

blog falls 2

http://www.outwithaudrey.com.auBUY IT HERE – $39

LOOK 3: Cargo Stripe

I love the colour mix in this look. A navy stripe dress is such a perfect addition to a green cargo jacket with leather sleeves. It just works! This shift dress is simple but it can be teamed with any style of jacket or shoe throughout the festival to change up the look. This jacket works quite well, and shoe choice could be an ankle boots or a converse-style sneaker. Tie the jacket around the waist in the day and keep on for the cooler nights! Voila…

outfit falls 1

Cargo Jacket – $45 – Target (Hot Options)

Stripe Shift Dress – $30 – Bonds

Necklace – Palas pendant with long chain

Sunnies – $21 – ASOS

Shop the Look – My Similar Suggestions

Already Home Dress

blog falls 3

http://www.lucyinthesky.com.auBUY IT HERE – $45

Walk the Line Dress

blog falls 0

http://www.bb.com.auBUY IT HERE – $45

Of course you will need a cute pair of sunnies and a basic hat to hide that hair but….festival fashion complete. Get excited!

MBFW xxx


Shoe LOVE <3 <3


Shoe LOVE!!

I am more than slightly obsessed with my new leather ‘Oscari’ heel from Wittner Shoes. They are definitely my new staple!! Although I am a low-budget shopper, these are worth the splurge…especially because they are a black platform heel so they match pretty much every outfit! Not to mention they are super comfy, will transition nicely in to winter and are leather so they will last!

I’m in shoe heaven right now…

Have I convinced you yet? LINK TO BUY

MBFW xxx

Print Your Own Tee!!

So it’s clear people are finding new ways of expressing themselves…. one of these ways is laying their thoughts and feelings right where everyone can see them! SMACK BANG on their clothing.

Slogan tees are definitely hitting the streets hard right now… so why not start expressing your anger, happiness, sadness, love, passion, or sense of humour right across your chest.


do not disturb il_340x270.488400620_phra il_fullxfull.494630218_eht4 images iv5r7s-l-610x610-tank-top-clothes-vodka-slogan-quote-on-it jay z katharine-hamnett-selfridges-project-ocean-capsule-collection-3 katy-perry-t-shirt kyliejennerright2 louise-mic-t-shirt main print rihanna-chanell-t-shirt shopping somehtin tee z1bfrx-l

Take a line out of Cara Delevingne’s book who definitely knows how to express her style through thought…


And no this isn’t the end of this blog… I will do more than tell you what you may already know or have already seen. I will give you a Hot Tip…


Instead of wearing what others are saying why not come up with your own message? Or change the font, style, or colour of your favs to suit your mood. Buy the plain tee and have the print done separately.



Seeing as though its summer go for a plain tank top rather than a t-shirt. General Pants have these plain basic for $24.95 (left) and $19.95 (right) or 2 for $40 and 2 for $30 – – LINK TO BUY


There will obviously be many printing stores in your local city but in Adelaide I recommend T-Shirt City on 72 Hindley Street. Quick and easy… pick what you want and away you go.

Also writing in one font and one colour is quite inexpensive at printing stores which helps you save on a slogan tee that may be floating around the boutiques for more $$ or helps you create your own signature look for less!





MBFW xxx

OOTD: Monochrome Magic

Time for an OOTD post but this time its double-sized. Here is TWO monochrome casual looks I love at the moment. I will show you some inspiration, my picks and how I accessorise them, and a simple way to transition the look in to night!

Here goes…


9 14ea8879452dcf3af16af35aca7c04ac 140910020 10273905371015723_8vk7ekul_f c478fe9b1e6adf32_leather-shorts.xxxlarge images leather2 let3 phot qi54l7-l-610x610-shorts-white-top-leather-leather-short-leather-shorts-clutch-pants studded shoes, leather skirt, white sweater, ara tumblr_mwc2latKY51qlkhm3o1_500

I know this look isn’t anything new and exciting but seeing as though it is sticking around it’s nice to know there are some cheap options out there if you haven’t already jumped on board!! Such a nice simple look that can be accessorised so many ways…

Seeing as though the weather is not quite hot enough yet in RADelaide (yes I did..) it seems appropriate to still sport a jumper. Of course just a light thin knit will suffice! But switch to a sandal shoe rather than a boot so to lighten the look from winter. I’m loving my studded sandals (below), with a complimenting ankle and centre strap. I also cannot get enough of the leather “sport short” with the elastic style waist. This short can be casual or dressy and the sporty loose style gives you a little more room to move as some leather garments can be quite restricting. This also means they really do suit most ladies.

Accessorise with some a matching chain rose gold jewellery and a pair of plated and black sunnies!!




White Knit Jumper – Cotton On – $24.95

Hot Child Leatherette Shorts (Madison Square)- If You’re a Bird Boutique – $49.95 – LINK TO BUY or in store (Glen Osmond Road)

Sandals –Zara – $30 (bought in Europe)

Metal Top Keyhole Round Sunglasses – ASOS – $16.64 – LINK TO BUY

Rose Gold Chain necklace and matching bracelet – Miss Martini (King William Road) – $29.95/ $19.95 – in store


images images - 3 images-2 skort skort 2 Zara-White-Skort-2 zaraskort

The skort is definitely hitting the fashion world hard at the moment and although it is everywhere I cannot go past a simple white one for everyday or nights out. It can be matched with everything but here I have kept it with its best friend… BLACK. To bring in a bit of excitement pair it with a printed tee. The one I chose is actually quilted on the sleeves and at the back which gives some added texture. Again you can’t go wrong with a gold chain necklace, but with a patterned top like this its better for the necklace to sit high and follow the neckline. It doesn’t interfere with the pattern that way and acts as a border for the top.

MUST HAVE: I adore all the clear accessories floating around at the moment. As they are, well, see-through, they will go with absolutely any colour but to keep the outfit’s simplicity it does look great with this casual monochrome look. The clear jelly shoes take me back to my school days and any excuse to feel young again is A-okay with me…




Angel Biba Top – Eive Clothing Store (Harbourtown, Adelaide) – $30

White Skort – Zara – $40 (also available at If You’re a Bird Boutique– $49.95) look above for link to website

Clear Jelly Sandals – Dotti – $14.00 @30% off (RRP $19.95) – LINK TO BUY

Supa Sundayz Dallas sunglasses in clear crystal – Somethin Somethin ($39.95) – LINK TO BUY

Large Chain Lock Necklace – Colette – $11.21 – LINK TO BUY


It can be very very simple to transition your outfit into night, especially when you don’t have the time to change or you weren’t planning on that long lunch that eventuated into a cocktail… or seven!

All I can suggest is throw on a pair of heels and with the simplicity of black & white you can obviously choose a coloured shoe! BUT I think stick with the theme and go black… a simple black heeled sandal is a necessity and will go with both outfits. It is also SUCH a good staple to keep in your wardrobe or the car or even in your office!!

Tip: Finish off the outfit and add some colour with your Lime Crime Lipstick… whichever shade fits your mood for the night!



$36.95 – Black Trendy Block Metal Heeled Sandals – ASOSBUY IT HERE

What an amazing CHEAP CHEAP buy and the gold plate is the perfect addition to ensure you dress up those casual looks and tie in the accessories!!



MBFW xxx

“Pineapples are Trending Right Now…”

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pineapples:

1. If you eat unripe pineapples it can be poisonous.

2. Hawaii produces 1/3 of all the pineapples in the world.

3. Pineapples take about 18 months to grow.

4. The word “pineapple” was first used in 1398 in reference to a pinecone.

5. The more scales on a pineapple, the sweeter and juicier the taste.

But who really cares about any of that… all I know is pineapples are cool, they look funky, and they remind me of exotic and tropical places! I guess thats why I want them all over me this summer, well on my clothes that is!!

In case your not on the pineapple bandwagon, let me just set the mood for you…

big pineapple pineapple-silk-cushion images nail lamp Pineapple-Creamcheese-Spread-1-682x1024 pineapple-bookends pineapple-d-546524street_look____la_fashion_week_automne_hiver_2013_2014____new_york__jour3_683934959_north_883x 6a00d8341c6c5753ef0162fbf4bb8d970d-500wi

SEE?!? How can you not like pineapples?



Here is a local Adelaide-based Clothing Co hitting the nail on the head… not only displaying the tropicool fruit on their trendy and quirky pieces but placing it in all its glory on their brands logo. Do yourself a favour and check them out….Inappropriately Appropriate?? I think so.



Green Pineapple 5 Panel Cap – IA Clothing Co



Such an awesome way to rock the pineapple motif. AND I love seeing a girl rocking this cap!! I mean what guys can do, girls can do better… right?

So Sweet Pom Pom Shorts – Princess Polly



Absolutely love these shorts. I have this style of short in a couple of patterns at the moment but I need some tropicana to remind me to take a break and have a cocktail! Trust me, you will thrash these… they are not only super comfy but they can be easily worn with a basic tee and flats and your done! Not to mention the pom poms are pretty awesome.

Roll-Up Pineapple T-Shirt – Country Road



Not that I don’t love the pineapple just the way it is, colour and all! But I do love the subtlety this top possesses (say that 3 times fast!). This means that you can wear it all year round without blinding people in the winter with yellow and green overload. Okay so it’s a little more pricey, for a bargain hunter, but given the fact its a simple tee, black and white, and can transition into winter, it has the ability to team up with a lot more pieces. Basic tee…check. Staple…check. Pineapples….check. Yep it has it all!

Pineapple Towel – Cotton On



$20 – IN STORE

I picked up this pineapple beach towel from Cotton On for $20 when you make another purchase (RRP $40). Not bad at all I say… perfect timing as summer is around the corner and now I can not only wear pineapples, I can lie on them too! Love.


MBFW xxx

ASOS Pick: Overalls

So ASOS is a favourite online store of mine, as it is for most! They have so much variety and incredible sales that I cannot go past them. However, as some of you would relate, I always spend hours and hours flicking through the pages and ‘adding to basket’ but struggle to commit to the purchase. Also ASOS has sooo much to choose from it can sometimes be daunting and by the time I have finished looking I have gone from loving a garment to realising I probably don’t need it.

Well I will try to give you my Top Picks each month (this may be more than one)… This will narrow down some of my favourite pieces and overall looks so it will make your browsing days a little easier.

Although technically I am always on a budget, I don’t like to spend over $100 on any one piece, mainly because if I am not sure how it will fit then I haven’t hit the bank account hard for no reason.

MY NOVEMBER PICK: “The Dungaree”



Link: www.asos.com/au/dungaree

Okay so the name is a little weird, but lets just say overalls, and UH HU these are a must for summer! I absolutely love this look. It’s casual and a little edgy at the same time. Yes it can look a little “tomboy,” especially with the con-style shoe and t-shirt. But add some femininity by wearing a crop tank underneath or a low-arm swing top. Even add a bold lip colour, or strappy flats/wedges for those warmer days (Rubi Shoe Clog). This is also perfect as a beach throw on in summer, and easy breezy with just your bathers underneath.

Star Looks


COMPLETE THE LOOK: Outfit Inspiration

Rebel Faux Leather Crop Top – Forever 21



Only Rock n’ Roll Crop Tee – Forever 21



New Look America White Trainers – ASOS



Metal Round Sunnies with Corner Detail – ASOS


WAS $22.18- NOW $16.64 LINK TO BUY


MBFW xxx

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Lime Crime Lip Envy

Yes it is a crime for this brand to release these lipsticks… (too cliche?!) Well see for yourself and you will agree… Lime Crime should be locked up!!

I cannot get over these AMAZING colours and not only that… it is a lipstick that stays on all night!!! Yes, through the cheek-kissing, vodka-sipping, cigarette-puffing nights out. So this is definitely one to put on your shopping list ladies.

Limecrime Makeup Candyfuture Lipstick Set images lime-crime-candyfuture-lipstick-swatchesimage

*** I am wearing Countessa Flourescent (on the left)

These colours are bold and a little out there but why not branch out. Not that anyone needs any lipstick inspiration but just to dare yourself to try something new, here goes….







MBFW xxx